Choosing An Egg Or Sperm Donor

We counsel parents through the process of selecting donors and will identify issues that could arise. It is important to have an attorney get involved early in the process as we can help you avoid common disagreements arising from the sperm or egg donation process. There are organizations that will help parents identify donors, and it is important for you to have an advocate on your side who can make sure you ask the right questions and ensure that your rights are protected.

We will also negotiate and create an agreement between you as the parents and the donor. Our lead attorney, Ryan G. Anderson, is deeply experienced in reproductive law. We have been working with sperm and egg donation for 25 years and have assisted clients throughout the United States.

Know Your Donor's History

You have the right to get as much information as possible about your egg or sperm donor. It is important to have a full health history and know the criminal background of a donor. You have the right to make sure the agency is providing all information relevant to selecting your donor. If the agency does not provide the requested information, there are others that will.

Infertility can lead to making emotional decisions. When you are selecting a donor, you want a lawyer on your side who can help you minimize the import of emotion and ask the right questions. We believe you deserve to have all the information you need to make the best decision, and our experienced team will help you do just that.

An Advocate For You In Choosing An Egg Or Sperm Donor

We are deeply experienced helping parents select an egg or sperm donor. If you are looking for a legal advocate in your search for a donor, contact us today in San Antonio. Call us at 210-920-9175 or email us for a free consultation.